About Avenir Design

Avenir Design helps businesses improve the customer experience for their products. Our past work includes improving e-commerce navigation experiences, creating brand messaging for professional development programs, and working with an IT department to make sure they were making choices with […]

Privacy in the Age of Digital Sharing

I’ll be sharing research on five privacy personas that I’ve developed around attitudes towards privacy. You’ll gain a better understanding of your own attitude towards putting your data up online and have the tools to assess the attitudes of the […]

The Rise of the Privacy-Conscious Consumer

When Elon Musk hopped on the #deleteFacebook bandwagon, it became clear that public perception of internet privacy is changing in light of Facebook’s recent issues with Cambridge Analytica. As a researcher on attitudes toward digital privacy and an advocate for user-friendly privacy […]


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How Mature Are You? A Developer Experience Maturity Model

How confident are you that your developer experience matches the expectations of your customers? How can you judge if you’re providing an adequate or best-in-class experience? What about your competition? How do you compare? We had the same questions at […]

Usability testing and APIs

Lucy Carey and Jenny sit down to talk about her upcoming presentation at DevRelCon in London covering the UX of APIs and how to design better developer tools through usability testing. Read more

The best Developer Experience KPIs

I spoke with various Developer Experience product managers about how they measure success–what KPIs they use and why. It became apparent that the responsibilities of each DX team shaped the KPIs they use. There are four potential domains that developer […]

Pokemon Go: One Year On

A year ago I wrote an article about the explosion of Pokemon Go. According to ComScore, PoGo scored 28 million active daily users at its peak and has stabilized at five million. Niantic, the game maker, confirms this. The game rakes in […]