Reeling in Big Fish: Enterprise Expectations for DX

APIs are great for getting your resources to large numbers of people and scaling fast. But what if you’re in the b2b space and searching for those big fish instead? Enterprise customers have different cultures, expectations, and needs than startup […]

Is Your Chatbot Artificially Intelligent?

The chatter at SXSW this year was all about the chatbot. Several sessions and a lot of side conversations were aimed at helping companies understand what chatbots are and how to use them. I got the sense that everyone wants to […]

Five Fun Things from SXSW

There were so many great things happening at SXSW this year— I wanted to share just a small sampling of some of the things I learned while there. Emojis A small group of engineers and some passionate linguists and hobbyists control […]

Three Ways of Generating Trust for Your Product

Sign up for our product! Tell us about yourself. Fill out your profile. Tell us where you’re going so we can bring you a driver. Let us see your bank transaction data so we can give you financial recommendations. Every […]

Improvisational Workshops

I’ve never been great with agendas in meetings. I often forget to write them and am not a stickler for keeping to them. Improvisational acting provides me a skill set to still succeed in this type of uncertain environment.

Design Research for a Fitness and Wellness Company

I framed an investigation of alternative postures in the workplace for a global fitness and wellness company by conducting design research. The project included user observation, competitive benchmarking and identification of a set of design tensions to inform concept ideation.

GE Collaboration Space

GE Healthcare hired Avenir Design to take a look at their showroom in Cleveland. We partnered with architectural services firm PlanTheSpace to lead their team through a workshop and ultimately create new schematics.