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Product Operations Consulting

Create your product-led organization

Many heads of product falter when transitioning from early stage to scale and don’t have other product leaders to delegate to. In this economic environment, companies need to extend their runway and quickly unlock growth. Good product leaders have a nearly endless to-do list, but are stretched too thin to accomplish their goals. Small issues today grow into big, costly issues tomorrow.

I’ve helped product teams navigate the transition to scale at a number of venture-backed and corporate startups. As your product management consultant, I work with your founders and head of product to increase the speed at which you find product market fit or hockey-stick growth by bringing in product best practices to support your company and product team. Think of me as a Chief of Staff exclusively focused on product – I’m here to help you get more done.

Areas of Expertise

I provide product leadership consulting to help you bring in additional, flexible support over the course of several months. Some of the areas I’m best suited to focus on include:

Product operations

  • Improve how the team communicates across the company and with customers
  • Collaboratively set processes for product operations including streamlining customer feedback, feature requests, quarterly/annual planning, budgeting, and go-to-market
  • Partner with engineering and design to evaluate project management software, ticketing practices, and other SDLC tooling
A target to show product consulting


  • Improve coordination between engineering, product, and design
  • Partner with engineering to determine how to set up teams that align with goals, strategy, software architecture
  • Develop KPIs
  • Design departmental communication, sorting out what should be a meeting and what should be an email
  • Organizational capacity assessments


  • Training new team members
  • Weekly 1:1 mentorship
  • Coaching on product management best practices such as A/B testing, roadmapping, discovery
  • Skills assessments
  • Define career paths for team members

I’d love to set up an exploratory call with you to discuss how we can work together. Please reach out or book time with me directly.


Next time you look at your to-do list, highlight any actions you’ve been wanting to take where if they were completed, the whole team would be better off. Then call me and we can figure out together how to get it done.

Once we’ve identified a scope of work and have started an engagement, I want you to always feel like you’re getting value. That’s why I:

  • Bring a product mindset to every consultation
  • Begin by outlining clear, strategic goals for every project
  • Send a weekly summary email to recap where we are towards achieving those goals
  • Work with you to iterate on those goals to stay in sync

I treat each of my engagements like a product in and of itself, conducting regular customer research, measuring against clear goals, and adjusting course as the situation requires. Set up a time to talk so we can work together to improve your product operations.