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You know the culture you want.

There aren’t enough hours in the day to get there.

I help you achieve your vision for your product organization by using product ops as the lever to shift company culture.

Signs you've outgrown your current product operations

Communication feels chaotic

Everyone struggles to coordinate when communication is missing.

Strategic misalignment

There’s a strong strategy, yet not everyone is following along.

Your data isn't being utilized

You want a data-driven culture and know your data can do more.

Messy product launches

It takes a whole company, working together, to get a product out.

How we make change stick

Set the goal & Assess

Just like in a product development process, we start with the goal. We pick one pillar of product operations that needs the most support, and what it would look like if that area were running better. I run an assessment to gather data on the current state and identify opportunities to make an impact.

Choose the initiatives

Based on the research conducted, we work together to identify what the 1-2 initiatives are that are most likely to make a difference. I build out a roadmap that illustrates how we're going to approach those projects.

Make it happen

Working in collaboration with your entire team, we execute on the initiatives. I build custom trainings to accompany the changes we're making to make sure the message we're delivering is landing well. I measure progress as we go to make sure we're progressing towards our target.

Jenny has been a driving force for positive change at the Linux Foundation. Since she began consulting with us as a product management leader, she has demonstrated a deep understanding of our product and its needs, translating complex challenges into clear, actionable plans. She is a trusted and respected team member, fostering a culture of collaboration and inclusivity. She has meaningfully improved how we work as a product organization quickly, and I am so glad we brought her in.
Nirav Patel
CTO | The Linux Foundation

Case study: roadmap realignment

Teams across my client’s organization were confused about what was being worked on. Product managers were struggling to connect what they were doing to the overall strategy. We identified a gap in cross-departmental communication.

After conducting user research, I found that product managers were not setting product strategies for their own work and were not driving their own roadmaps. The client and I agreed that a successful outcome would be getting a roadmapping process in place.

I worked with the client to define what this would look like when it was good, and conducted 1:1 coaching with the product managers on the team to move their strategy and roadmaps forward, teaching the process as we went along. I created documentation to go with it and defined a lightweight template in Asana for them to use to share their roadmaps with others. My client and I worked together to refine his strategy and communicate it more aggressively.

By the end of the engagement, every product manager had a strategy and roadmap to guide them through the next several quarters. There was shared language around what good roadmapping would look like, and everyone was ready to continue maintaining these important communication tools.

Working together

Cultural change takes time to stick. For that reason I require a 3-month minimum on all consulting engagements in order to make sure we achieve our goals. I work on a monthly retainer model and charge based on the number of product teams I’m engaging with. supporting

  • 1-5 product teams from $10,000/month
  • 6-10 product teams from $15,000/month
  • 10+ product teams from $20,000/month