About Avenir Design

Avenir Design helps businesses improve the customer experience for their products. Our past work includes improving e-commerce navigation experiences, creating brand messaging for professional development programs, and working with an IT department to make sure they were making choices with their employees’ needs first.

We do this by conducting research into the customer experience and then drawing insights that apply directly to operations, marketing and strategy. Our clients include billion dollar companies, startups that have just been registered, and everything in between.

Business + Design

What really sets us apart is how we combine these insights about the customer with a traditional MBA toolkit. We bring in more traditional research techniques, such as surveys and pricing analyses, at the right time and place, adding quantitative validation to our initial observations.

Whether it’s structuring new business models, helping brands find their voices, or facilitating design thinking workshops, we help our clients understand how developing customer empathy can grow their top line. Our firm is equipped to both conduct research on behalf of your company as well as come in and train your company in innovation strategy. Let us know how we can help you bring a customer-oriented mindset to your work.


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If you have a project you’d like our help with, please reach out and Jenny will respond to you shortly:

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