Design Research for a Fitness and Wellness Company

I framed an investigation of alternative postures in the workplace for a global fitness and wellness company by conducting design research. The project included user observation, competitive benchmarking and identification of a set of design tensions to inform concept ideation.

Design research is not “a science” and is not necessarily “scientific.” It gives designers and clients a much more nuanced understanding of the people for whom they design while providing knowledge that addresses some of the most fundamental questions we face throughout the process.

~Jon Freach for The Atlantic

The company has taken my research and is in the process of designing a product around it. Because of this research, they were able to jump-start their design process and shorten the product development cycle. I used a powerful set of tools in combination to conduct my research and come up with my conclusions.

Design Research Tools

My research was summarized in a powerpoint deck and I presented my findings to the client’s top designers. Our conversation dug further into the research and we used the meeting as a way to hone in on the design principles that will guide this product.

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