GE Collaboration Space

GE Healthcare hired Avenir Design to take a look at their showroom in Cleveland. We partnered with architectural services firm PlanTheSpace to lead their team through a workshop and ultimately create new schematics.
The current space has several constraints:

  • It has to be open to the public and useable by GE staff for sales and marketing
  • It can’t involve any construction due to permitting challenges
  • The space isn’t large—only 3,000 sq. ft.—and can’t have anything within 4 feet of the perimeter on several sides

We conducted a workshop with a dozen of their team to learn more about what their goals are for the space:

Through our workshop we discovered several critical design principles:

    • The space has to be structured in a way that it can grow and change as GE’s needs shift
    • It needs to be collaborative and be a place where clients want to visit
    • There needs to be ways to engage GE’s storytelling capabilities in a digital, remote fashion

We came up with a design that can be implemented in stages, allowing GE to pivot and shift as their presence in Cleveland evolves. We are removing all equipment from the space and have divided it up into a public, ambulatory space on the perimeter, and a more collaborative, GE-focused space on the interiorGE Healthcare

Flexible and creative furniture choices allow the space to morph from a meeting room for 20 to a workshop for 8 and a cocktail party for 40. The proposal is structured in three phases so it can change gradually and evolve over time, and we look forward to seeing it turn into a reality!

Jenny was fantastic….She really listened to us during the project and was able to pivot and adapt to deliver a valuable end-result to us. She has a good business sense and is able to infuse that into the project work.

~Stuart Weitzman, GE Ventures

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