Press appearances featuring Jenny Wanger.

New Phone App To Track Colorado Coronavirus Exposure Will Arrive This Weekend – Colorado Public Radio News – October 22, 2020

A phone app that will tell you if you’ve been exposed to coronavirus is about to launch in Colorado. Here’s how to use it. – Colorado Sun – October 23, 2020

Colorado health officials rolling out exposure notifications for COVID-19 with new app – NBC 9News – October 22, 2020

Covid apps went through the hype cycle. Now, they might be ready to work. – NBC – October 6, 2020

States are finally starting to use the Covid-tracking tech Apple and Google built — here’s why – CNBC – October 3, 2020

US states are finally rolling out Covid-19 exposure notification apps – Quartz – October 2, 2020

Americans are one step closer to a national contact tracing app for Covid-19 – Vox – October 2, 2020

New Crop of Covid-Tracking Apps Addresses Old Concerns – Wall Street Journal – September, 19, 2020

Apps to Track the New Coronavirus Have an Old Problem: Getting the Downloads – Wall Street Journal – April 28, 2020

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