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The Product Ops Impact Accelerator

Influencing strategic change in your product management organization to become a strategic, effective, product operations partner.

Product operations has the potential to be a strategic partner to product leadership, but in reality it’s easy to get swept up to fight every fire. This course will help you focus on the work that will really make a difference, then lead the change management processes to implement it.

What you’ll gain

You will define your product operations practice by framing it as a strategic partner to product leadership. During the program, you’ll figure out what product operations should mean within your organization and get inspiration from a tight-knit, global group of product ops professionals. You’ll develop the skills to shape the boundaries between you, the product management team you support, and other departments.

Why it’s different

Product operations is a new discipline and every company needs to approach the work differently. This course will help you define your own “best practices” rather than suggesting generic solutions. You will carve out time to work on this with others and have a community to help you refine your ideas.

How we’ll do it

I’ll help you set a clear scope for your own product operations work; develop a strategy to get buy-in on that scope; and develop clear goals to track your progress. Along the way, you’ll get feedback not only from me, but from the other students in the program. Instead of focusing on becoming a better tools administrator, we’ll talk about strategies to scale your impact without needing to scale your team. 


The course will be online and live so we can have it be an interactive, discussion-driven experience for everyone. Between sessions, you’ll have activities to do to help you define your strategic impact. Everyone will receive feedback on their progress from both Jenny and their peers in the program.

Key Dates

  • Next session will start in February 2023

Course schedule

We meet online for 1.5 hours every week throughout the program to workshop our materials and share experiences.

Weekly projects

The more you put into the program, the more you’ll get out of it. The goal is for you to do work between each session to develop your roadmapOKRs, and create a strategy for lasting change. You’ll end the program fully equipped for a more impactful 2024.

For the best outcomes, plan to spend 1-2 hours per week on this outside of the sessions.