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Product Operations Assessment

You can’t figure out where to go if you don’t know where you are today

Get an in-depth assessment of how your product team runs from an unbiased perspective

Processes should help teams succeed, not get in the way

Whether you have a product operations team or not, you have product operations. Improving how you actually develop and ship products is worth investing in immediately because, when done right, it will achieve the following:

  • PMs who have a clearer sense of goals and long-term priorities, allowing them to figure out near-term strategy without as much support
  • Alignment between design, engineering, and product around business goals and metrics
  • Decisions based on facts instead of guesswork, increasing the success rate of product launches
  • Better utilization of product development team members’ time as decision quality improves
  • Finding critical data earlier in the development cycle, shortening time between iterations or exploration of ideas
  • Improved stakeholder alignment and satisfaction, alongside smoother go-to-market motions

This assessment helps us figure out where things are working today and where we need to focus our time. It also creates a baseline so we can track our progress over time.

Your product operations assessment


We conduct a survey, customized for your company, not only with the core product team, but with the departments touching product to get a full 360-degree view of how product ops is working for you today.


A series of in-depth interviews with key team members provides more detail to supplement the survey content.


You receive a detailed assessment based on the four pillars of product operations to understand how your team is using data and communicating across the organization.

Next Steps

 We sit down for a coaching session to prioritize next steps so you can strategically create an environment to help your team thrive. You get a three-month follow-up to add continuity to the conversation.

Learn more about a product operations assessment for your organization by booking a consult.