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Product Operations Assessment

For product leaders who want their team to perform at its best, but aren’t there yet

Get an in-depth assessment of your product operations from an unbiased perspective

Processes should help teams succeed, not get in the way

  • Product operations need to help your team be more efficient, not limit their potential
  • Get the direction you need so you can focus your efforts on the improvements that will make a difference
  • Create an environment where product managers get to spend their time on the work that makes a difference to their goals instead of busywork


Your product operations assessment

Survey. We conduct a survey, customized for your company, not only with the core product team, but with the departments touching product to get a full 360-degree view of how product ops is working for you today.

Interviews. A series of in-depth interviews with key team members provides more detail to supplement the survey content.

Assessment. You receive a detailed assessment based on the four pillars of product operations to understand how your team is using data and communicating across the organization.

Next steps. We sit down for a coaching session to prioritize next steps so you can strategically create an environment to help your team thrive.

A diagram of the four steps of the product ops assessment

Learn more about a product operations assessment for your organization by booking a consult.