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How Mature Are You? A Developer Experience API Maturity Model

This API maturity model will help you answer a few key questions: How confident are you that your developer experience matches the expectations of your customers? How can you judge if you’re providing an adequate or best-in-class experience? What about your competition? How do you compare?

We had the same questions at Arity, and so developed a maturity model for API programs. Based on a year of user testing with developers, this model covers categories such as support and documentation.

This maturity model helps you focus your time and effort on the areas that will provide the greatest value for your customers. It’s a way to distill all the elements of the developer experience into an easily consumable document to give to stakeholders, helping you explain why the things you do as a manager of the developer community translate to increased sales for your organization.

We’ll go through the model together so you can score your company’s program. You’ll leave the session with a score and roadmap of how this can help you influence your stakeholders.

Session materials:

Presented at API Strategy and Practice 2018, Portland, OR